Wir sind da.

Here we are

If you’re missing iron, we’re available. We are there, mainly in Switzerland.

Half of humanity suffers from an untreated iron deficiency – four billion people. The reason for this is the misleading training of doctors. Instead of giving the iron deficiency patients the missing iron, they are repeatedly and unnecessarily clarified, wrongly treated and often even wrongly psychiatrised – for expensive money and without a chance of recovery. But if we give these patients the missing iron as in Switzerland, we have healthier people for lower costs.

Typical symptoms of iron deficiency syndrome include exhaustion, concentration problems, ADD, listlessness and even depressive mood, dizziness, insomnia, neck tension, headaches, hair loss or nail brittleness. Women of menstrual age and children are particularly affected. They live in the problem zone with a ferritin level below 50 ng/ml, while adult men are in the iron matrix – with a ferritin level between 100 and 200 ng/ml. As soon as women and children with iron deficiency receive iron infusions, they also enter the iron matrix and generally become healthy. They need as much iron as men to live without deficiency symptoms.

Iron deficiency syndrome was discovered in Switzerland in 1998. At that time, successful intravenous iron therapy was also introduced. Over one million iron deficiency patients have now been treated with the help of over 10,000 doctors and hospitals. Iron deficiency patients are guided into the iron matrix with iron infusions.

That is what we are here for. For the time being, we are practically only present in Switzerland, because Helvetia is the first enlightened country in the world. Switzerland swallowed the red pill and entered the iron matrix. The health insurance funds pay for this necessary basic care. But there are already a few iron doctors in Germany, Austria and Moscow. We are here to help you as soon as you lack the iron.

We are there – that means: We are doctors who have seen through the global iron lie and are familiar with the diagnosis, therapy and prevention of iron deficiency. We know how much iron each individual patient needs. And if we don’t know that exactly, we use the dosage formula www.easyfer.ch. as a guide. We enable you to reach the lightness of well-being.